by Frank Glodek

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  July 28, 2005 - Another slight update and rearrangement of my web site. I have moved most of the cast pictures into the "extras" pages that have also been revamped. This page is going to be more of a description page of the characters that appear most often in my few and far between comics. This will give you a little insight behind each character's behavior and motivation.


Name: Frank

Personality Type: Show Stealer

Hobbies: Hogging attention, beating on Jake, sucking at video games

Description: Jake's older brother and the ringleader of "Brothers Forever". He occupies the revered older brother position of protector/tormentor which he demonstrates on Jake and Ryan on a regular basis.

Name: Jake

Personality Type: L33T Gamer

Hobbies: Pwning video games, avoiding sunlight, Frank's punching bag.

Description: Frank's little brother who 1-ups him at every video game invented. He was once turned into Gollum by Spoonies! cereal and was only rescued by his Gameboy!

Name: Ryan

Personality Type: Opportunist

Hobbies: Being UB3R at video games, part-time ninja

Description: Always the one to make himself useful - whenever it benefits himself! Also UB3R L33T at video games and Frank's best friend. Bitches.

Name: Vanessa

Personality Type: Player Hater

Hobbies: Avoiding video games, being sexy, telling the boys what to do.

Description: The lovely better half of Frank, she let's the boys know who wear the pants in the infamous, "Brothers Forever"! Saucy!

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