by Frank Glodek

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About the Comic

Brother's Forever is a work that is very dear to my heart. I've always wanted to draw a comic strip ever since I stopped paying attention to my classes in Elementary School and began doodling in the margins of my notebooks. I drew quite a bit throughout High School, and eventually even managed to swing one year of Art class as a senior. My drawing talents then quickly evaporated and remained dormant until after college. Having moved for my job in another state, I was blessed to be close to a comic book store. My passion for drawing being rekindled, I started relearning how to draw...

Now, on to the information that you really wanted to know. :)

The comic is about me mostly, and my ineptitude at videogames. It's not that I necessarily stink at them, it's that my brother Jake and my good friend Ryan completely whoop my ass at every game we play. It's alright. I can stand to be second best at something. :) My own experiences have proven to be humorous and I initially started drawing the comic just to share them with Ryan and Jake. Since then, my girlfriend Vanessa has become a cartoon, my one sister and family have been "tooned", and my drawing skills (and photoshop skills) have vastly improved. So now I am on my second Story Arc about a fictional game called Uber Quest that has had me creating some new avatars for us, and some fantasy drawing which is my very favorite to do. You will probably be seeing more of these characters in the future! :)

So thank you for coming, and I hope you stay awhile and enjoy the art! 



About the Author

Here you see, "The Frank", caught in his natural habit deep in the jungles of central Pennsylvania. No humans live within 2000 miles of the land "The Frank" calls home. He is seen here with a mouth completely crammed full with Spicy Taco Rollitos and with one man-sized paw in the bag daring to stuff his chipmunk-like cheeks to their limit. 

After a night of carousing and causing mischief he settles into his humble tree-top abode to sketch out top quality comics for your enjoyment. He often enlists the help of the Penn State squirrels to assist with the inking and coloring process.

Not only is, "The Frank" sly and cunning, but with a swish of his long flowing locks of hair he is able to elude even the most persistent of photographers. Take a long hard look at this fine specimen, and count yourself lucky to have glimpsed ever so briefly into his secret and elusive world.


NOTE: "The Frank" has not ever again been successfully photographed  since the advent of "video games".



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