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By Frank Glodek  All Images and Graphics Copyright 2004-2005  

Sunday , September 11 , 2005


September 12, 2005 - A semi-decent update today. First of all is the partially finished colored version of the Brainsquid! He's got some buddies I have not yet added into the image, but I really enjoy looking at it, so I am sharing it with you. :)

 I have also officially applied to an art school and I have been working on some submission pieces! I have also been trying to scan in some of the many , many sketches that I have completed in the last 6-8 months. Sometimes that takes more work than actually coloring and editing the images!

Here is a list of links to the new drawings I've added to the site! You can click each link, or go to the Extras page and mosey around!

Self Portrait from Dec '04
Girl Figure Drawing Oct '04
Demons! Aug '04

I also wanted to say a big hello and thank you to my friend and fellow artist, Nanda! :) She visited my home state about a week ago and we met up for lunch at a little local restaurant. Both her and her friends were everything I expected them to be, and we had a wonderful afternoon together! Check out the fanart she drew me, here and check out her comic Ugly Girl!

I recently also drew some fanart for the creator of Junkriot, the most prolific artist I know, M2. I drew here three main characters in a tribute to all that is HAWT.

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